Conversation: Luke 11, Dirty Rotten Hypocrites

Jesus excoriates the Pharisees and lawyers for appearing to be something they are not. He calls them hypocrites. Be careful! Might any one of us be guilty of the same sin? For Discussion: Give examples of how people today seek praise from society but miss the things that God [...]

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Luke 11 Conversation: Demons and Skeptics

In this chapter Jesus teaches the disciples about prayer and defends his ability to cast out demons in the face of skepticism. For Discussion: What conclusions about the nature of God and about prayer can we draw from the story of the Persistent Neighbor? Some of Jesus' detractors accuse [...]

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Luke 10 Conversation

As we move deeper and deeper into the mission of Jesus, he increases those who are doing the work by seventy-two. He also asks them to pray for more. In this chapter Luke begins to reveal more details about those who receive the message and those who don't. For [...]

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Luke 9 Conversation: The Next Big Question

Conversationalists everywhere, I hope you are enjoying our foray into the Gospel of Luke. In chapter eight we encountered the challenging question the disciples asked when they saw Jesus calm a raging storm in the middle of the Sea of Galilee: "Who is this?" The narrative of Luke's Gospel now [...]

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Luke 8 Conversation: The Right Question

Luke 8 takes us on Jesus' travels along with numerous companions. He challenges us to listen carefully, and by his miracles he challenges us to think about who he is. For Discussion: 1.     Jesus emphasizes the importance of hearing and listening (8, 12-15, 18, 21). What does he mean [...]

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Luke 7 Conversation: Authority and Compassion

Luke 7 reveals quite a bit more about Jesus: his authority, his compassion, fulfilled prophecy, and of course his main mission to forgive sins comes to the forefront again. For Discussion: 1.    Jesus expresses astonishment when he sees the faith of a gentile soldier. What made the faith of [...]

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Luke 6 Conversation: Jesus Teaches

Luke begins to flesh out Jesus' teaching ministry by providing some of His most provocative and challenging teachings. Questions for discussion: Why were the Scribes and Pharisees so angry that Jesus was "doing good" on the Sabbath? How difficult is it to love people other than those who love [...]

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Conversations: Luke 2 – Christmas in June

Here is the next conversation on Luke. This week we are talking about chapter two. Here are some questions to think about:  1.     Think about and discuss the unusual events surrounding Jesus’ birth and early life: angels appearing to shepherds, the encounters with Simeon and Anna, and Jesus in [...]

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