Truly A New View

The Lazarus Chronicles is dedicated to discussing and reflecting on life as seen through the lens of the resurrected life, a “new life” perspective.

Along the way, this perspective will be applied to a wide variety of topics: family life, current events, politics, economics, even some book reviews and references to relevant articles or other blogs.

I invite my readers to put on the same lens that we wear and look at this earthly life from the standpoint of eternity, the view revealed by the Resurrection of Christ, truly a “new life” perspective.

No claim is made for infallibility or even originality. Like all Christians we merely seek to make sense of and bring some divine perspective  life as revealed by the Word of God and by experiences with trying to live a resurrected life.

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1011, 2023

This Moment Is NOT Everything

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Perhaps you've been encouraged to take advantage of your time [...]


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