Parenting 2: Preserving Quality Time

My first inclination was to title this post, “Schedule Quality Time.” Several things demanded that I rethink that. First, busy parents sometimes justify being too busy by thinking they can schedule quality time. With children, you can’t schedule when quality time will occur. Second, although I preserved the idea of [...]

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John 17, Jesus Prays

John's Gospel is the only one who tells us about this prayer. John's five-chapter discussion about the last supper and the journey to the garden where Jesus will be arrested comes to a conclusion with Jesus praying for the disciples who have followed him as well as the disciples who [...]

Alpha Male, Queen Bee, Humble Servant: Gospel of John, chapter 13

Jesus often turned society's way of doing things on its head. A poor woman gives a penny but gives more than the rich who offer bags of money. The poor in spirit enter the kingdom of God but the proud are rejected. Impurity is what comes out of a person's [...]

The Porn Problem: It’s Not What You Think

THE PORN PROBLEM (It’s Not What You Think!)   Defining the Problem The word pornography comes from the Greek word “porneo,” usually translated as sexual immorality. It refers to all sexual sins. A more specified approach can be found in Leviticus 19 where the Law prohibits everything from homosexual sex [...]

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Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents

One of my more memorable experiences in St. Petersburg, Russia, was to visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral. I’ve never seen a more magnificent interior of a church. However, what struck me also was a sculpture on the exterior depicting Herod’s slaughter of the children in Bethlehem. The sculpture seemed almost a [...]

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