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Upside Down Is Right Side Up

George Orwell, in his book 1984, coined the word doublethink. Emma Baldwin (Newspeak in 1984 Explained - Book Analysis) defines it this way, “It refers to a type of cognitive dissonance where one is capable of bailing two things at once. These two things should, if one’s reasoning is clear, [...]

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You’re Not That Awesome

As with several of the previous topics on parenting, this is one of the suggestions given by Leanord Sax in an article, “Don’t Ask the Kids,” in First Things, October 2016. His book on parenting is The Collapse of Parenting. Though I have adopted some of his subjects, I have [...]

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Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Wartime speeches aren’t business-as-usual speeches. They aren’t meant to be. Were we to examine the speeches of Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, or other dignitaries whose sole job was to give meaning and courage to those struggling with conflict and fear, their words might not be relevant for a business conference. [...]

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Parenting 4: Develop a Culture of Respect

The family is the incubator of attitudes that children carry throughout their lives. Respect for others begins with respect for family members. Don’t Dismiss, Discuss Condescending language and attitudes should never be a part of conversations, and dismissing another’s viewpoint without at least hearing them out creates resentment. Even if [...]

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Parenting 2: Preserving Quality Time

My first inclination was to title this post, “Schedule Quality Time.” Several things demanded that I rethink that. First, busy parents sometimes justify being too busy by thinking they can schedule quality time. With children, you can’t schedule when quality time will occur. Second, although I preserved the idea of [...]

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Give Me Liberty: Patrick Henry’s Rhetoric

Aristotle defined rhetoric as using all the available means of persuasion. Although not every speech is designed to persuade, let's examine the rhetorical devices of a persuasive speech that has played a foundational role in our American experience: Patrick Henry's “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death." He spoke to [...]

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Parenting: the Authority Conundrum

The exercise of authority, whether in business, politics, or at home, is a difficult task, at least for those who wish to exercise it for the benefit of others and not merely for self-aggrandizement and the raw use of power. People in authority are in positions of service no less [...]

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“Be the Parent!” You Have the Right and Responsibility

Today, I begin a series of lessons on parenting. Drawing on my own experiences as a parent, my experiences with others in my ministerial career, and my readings from various experts. In particular, several of the topics I've chosen come from an article in First Things, October 2016, “Don't Ask [...]

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This Moment Is NOT Everything

Perhaps you've been encouraged to take advantage of your time because of hearing the mantra, “This moment is everything.” Maybe you have been captured by the Latin phrase, “Carpe Diem,” (seize the day), made famous by one of the worst movies ever produced. On the good side, each of these [...]

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