public speakingIt has been said that some executives give more speeches than politicians, and in small, medium, and large businesses a well-crafted speech is often necessary. Even in this age of emails and other electronic media, speeches are still an effective means of communicating ideas. People talk; people listen: oral communication still counts.

For many people the only thing more intimidating than writing is public speaking: a speech, a report, or anything that that needs to be presented to a live audience. People staring at you with eager (or worse, bored) eyes can be intimidating. If the thought of standing before an audience—large or small—gives you anxiety attacks and sweaty palms, I can help.

Full disclosure: I stuttered horribly as a youngster, so I know that many of the fears you may have about speaking can be overcome.


Getting your speech prepared is the biggest hurdle in public speaking. Body language and appearance are actually secondary steps in learning to speak well in public. My training involves the entire process from putting a speech together, writing your notes, and learning good posture and body language.

I am available now for private coaching and speechwriting.

I am also working on the syllabus for a public speaking class. Stay tuned to my website and blog to find out when that will be available.


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