A Controversy over Equality

Though there is a lot of controversy over contemporary notions of equality, the discussions always miss the great equalizer: sin. My discussion begins in John, chapter eight. At first, equality seems to be a non-issue, but as we move through my thoughts, I'll make it clear that equality plays more [...]

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Will the Messiah Do More than This Man? Gospel of John, Chapter 7

The murmurings about Jesus continue in the Gospel of John, chapter 7. Some people believed him, some didn't, some refused even to admit he was believable. In the midst of all this controversy, a few asked a relevant question, “Will the Messiah do more than this man?” Skepticism abounded, anger [...]

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Free Food for Thousands

Who doesn't like free stuff? My mother loved every discount she was entitled to, and I certainly take advantage of my military discount when available. Although I wouldn't compare our desire for shopping discounts with the need for food the people in first century Palestine may have encountered. Would you [...]

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The Big Bang and the Bigger Bang

Despite resistance from materialists within the scientific community, Einstein's theory of relativity along with discoveries in astronomy during the twentieth century indicate that creation had a beginning point. What we now call the Big Bang may have its detractors, but evidence strongly supports it. Though less scientifically verifiable, a bigger [...]

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Two Johns Speak

In the Beginning In the first chapter of the Gospel of John two men speak to us. The first is the Apostle John. One of the twelve apostles, he wrote this Gospel as well as three epistles and the Book of Revelation. His close association with Jesus provided him with [...]

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A Review of Creed or Chaos

Books I'm Reading “Creed or Chaos” By Dorothy Sayers One article about Dorothy Sayers described her as a “Lady with a Sword.” She was a playwright, author of murder mysteries, poet, and Christian apologist. Her broadcast about the life of Christ, The Man Born to Be King, entered two million [...]

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Are We Good or Evil?

“For from the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, sexual immoralities, thefts, false testimonies, slander.” (Matthew 15:19) Our church has been viewing a set of videos, The Truth Project. The teacher exposed one of societies' biggest lies: man is basically good. This belief ignores or just turns a blind eye [...]

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