Business-WritingWriting documents can consume a lot of valuable time in a business, but writing is still an essential means of representing the company. My experience for effective writing will insure that your documents communicate your company ideas in the best possible way, and since I do the work, you gain that time back for other matters.

Services: Writing, Editing

I provide text and editing for a wide range of documents: brochures, letters, websites, media writing, and more. Whether you need to communicate with employees or customers I will insure your message comes through with clarity and attention to detail. I can work with your business or personal documents to help you write or edit whatever you need.

Why Hire a Professional Writer

Aside from the time you save by hiring my writing services, there are a number of other reasons to use my services:

  • Writers are specialists who have perfected the craft of writing with clarity and precision
  • Bad writing (faulty expression, incorrect grammar, etc.) reflects poorly on you and your business
  • Spell checkers and grammar correction software cannot effectively recognize bad communication

Explore these in more detail in my article: “On the Value and Necessity of Writers.”

Samples of My Writing

  • Business: brochure, sample blog entries,
  • Media Packet with feature articles
  • Proposal and Report
  • Process Directions
  • Creative Nonfiction: “Shoulder to Shoulder with History”
  • Research Project: “From Left to Right”
  • See samples of my web writing at