mediaWe live in an age when the number of words has exploded: words in print and words on electronic screens.

  • Blogs have given anyone with a computer the ability to throw his views out into cyberspace
  • Twitter has created instantaneous communication
  • Websites and search engines have allowed a limitless exchange of information
  • Words can be accessed anywhere there is a modem, cell tower, or hotspot

I wonder if the invention of the printing press in 1440 also caused information overload at the time.


One thing will always be needed: coherent, meaningful, and accurate writing. The mere proliferation of words doesn’t equate with good writing. Not all texts are created equal.

Especially in writing for the web, the challenge for a writer is that he must get to the point, do it concisely, and do it with clarity.

Samples of my writing include not only writing for electronic media, but also writing for more traditional print media:

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