booksTo paraphrase Mark Twain, “The rumors of the death of books have been greatly exaggerated.”

I don’t believe books have gone the way of dinosaurs. People read books and electronic media differently, and books may even have a few advantages:

  • Some studies have discovered that people can read books faster
  • Books are easier on the eyes
  • Books don’t require batteries

More than that, even with the many changes in the way writing can be transmitted, good stories will never go away.


The ability to tell or just recognize a good story makes us human. Whether or not we recognize it, we all have a narrative that knits our life together, gives it meaning, and makes it coherent. Some of us have experienced things that interest others. All of us have good stories to tell.

Two men in my life inspired me to write a narrative nonfiction story: Shoulder to Shoulder with History.

Two other men inspired me to write an essay about their experiences: From Left to Right.

Do you have a good story to tell?