In this new edition of Conversations with Luke we look at chapters three and four. John the Baptist begins and ends his work, and Jesus begins his. This is a longer video because we are talking about two chapters of Luke’s narrative.

Questions for chapter 3:

  1. What are the historical and theological signposts that Luke provides early in the chapter?
  2. Imagine you are in the crowd listening to John the Baptist. What is your reaction to the conversation he has with different groups?
  3. When Jesus is baptized, a voice from heaven calls him “My Beloved Son.” What is the significance of that?

Questions and discussion points for chapter 4:

  1. Jesus confronts Satan in the first part of chapter 4, and he confronts other demons later in the chapter. Discuss how he deals with each situation. Do you believe there are similar evil forces in the world today?
  2. Why are the people in his hometown so angry? What do you think when you see similar angry reactions from people today? Do you think there is a deeper problem when people express such hostility?
  3. Jesus spent a lot of his time in the synagogues. Where would be the most logical place today to worship, pray, and discuss God’s Word? Is that important to you?