In this chapter Jesus teaches in a boat not in a synagogue, one of the many other places where Jesus takes the opportunity to teach the Word of God.

Questions for your conversations:

1.      In this chapter we get several looks at the nature of Jesus’ work. He calls Peter, James, and John to follow him so they can “catch men” as opposed to catching fish. What does he mean? Why use this image?

2.      Later in the chapter Jesus recruits Levi, a tax collector, and he attends a feast with many of Levi’s friends. Why were Jesus’ critics appalled at his association with such a group and how does Jesus define the reason for this?

3.      There are several healings in this chapter: a leper and a paralytic. What issue arises when he heals the paralytic? How does Jesus prove his ability to forgive? Does this provide another clue as to the nature of Jesus’ work?

4.      The last discussion in this chapter is about fasting. What does this discussion about things new and things old reveal about Jesus?