Luke 7 reveals quite a bit more about Jesus: his authority, his compassion, fulfilled prophecy, and of course his main mission to forgive sins comes to the forefront again.

For Discussion:

1.    Jesus expresses astonishment when he sees the faith of a gentile soldier. What made the faith of this Centurion so remarkable? What was it that Jesus possessed that he understood?

2.    How does Jesus satisfy John’s doubts? What role does fulfilled Old Testament scriptures play in authenticating Jesus?

3.    I’m convinced that what I call the “lost generation” described in verses 31-35 should not be limited only to the religious leaders. Have you known people whose intellect has kept them aloof from faith?

4.    The “sinful” woman at Simon’s dinner party responded to Jesus with heartfelt gratitude and love. What could she see in Jesus that Simon couldn’t?

Enjoy the conversation. I hope to hear from you.