(NOTE: for those first-time readers to my blog, the title of the blog [The Lazarus Chronicles] represents my thoughts on the resurrected life. I use Lazarus as a means of thinking about the issues involved in living a resurrected life, and I use these particular articles called “Coffee with Lazarus,” to imagine myself talking with one of the few people who died, came back to life, and represents the Christian resurrected life. My musings on any number of topics are meant to represent what it’s like to live such a life.)

I put down my cup and said to Lazarus, “So you were the quiet one. Or should I say that none of the Gospels simply recorded anything you said.”

Both. I wasn’t ever much of a talker. Besides, my sisters took care of most of the talking,” he said with a mischievous grin. “I was content keeping in the background.”

It shows,” I interjected. “You answer most of my questions with silence. I know you can’t divulge certain information, but let’s talk about what you believed before the big incident. Did you know that God was the one who ate with you and your sisters?”

Not at the time. We certainly knew Jesus was a prophet, but even the Apostles didn’t get that until after Jesus’ resurrection. I wish I had known what an amazing experience it was while it was happening.”

We like to say hindsight is usually 20/20.” He knew the expression. I wondered about Martha’s confession speaking to Jesus: “Yes, Lord, I believe you are the Messiah, the Son of God, who comes into the world,” (John 11:27).

He anticipated my thought. “We talked about that occasionally, but it was still hard to think that God was present in our house as a flesh and blood human being.”

I wanted to get more about Lazarus’ experience. “You obviously got sick, and your sisters seemed a little perturbed that Jesus didn’t come to heal you.”

Right. I heard later that the crowd asked the same question.” (see John 11:37)

I’d like to hear you talk about what you experienced for the four days you were dead.” He just gave me a look. “OK, OK, I know you can’t! However, I’m intrigued by what you felt and experienced after you came out of the tomb.”

The resurrected life.”

How did it change your outlook?”

I had a pretty good outlook before I died and came back, but after that I lived with the next resurrection in mind.” Then he squared off with me, “How does it change yours?” I should have been ready for that question. “Would you live differently if you died and came back like I did? Even if you can’t do that, do you live differently now? The resurrected life is still just that, a spiritual death and rebirth. But you know that.”

Yes, I do.” He got up to leave. “Wait, are you leaving so soon?”

You don’t need me to tell you about the resurrected life. All Christians experience it. It’s a whole new outlook filled with hope, a changed perspective., and a changed lifestyle.” Then he walked off into the mist as usual.

I really wish he would give me more information. From the mist I heard, “You have what you need.”

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