It’s trendy. It raises a lot of revenue. Many people can’t think of a good reason not to do it. This brief conversation will open up a whole new avenue of discussion: legalizing marijuana is a bad idea.

Legalizing recreational marijuana has its champions in the lobbying industry. Marijuana Debunked by Ed Gogek, MD exposes bad studies and false claims made by the heroes of marijuana fame. You should know that I have received no compensation for reviewing his book, and I have not been asked by anyone associated with the book to do a review. My desire is simply to get out well-informed studies that demonstrate another whole side to the legalization debate.

Have your own conversation with this new information.

I would like to thank Bill and Patrice, fellow Toastmasters, who encouraged me to publish this. I gave this speech at our most recent meeting, and they responded with enthusiasm to the material. Although originally delivered as a formal speech, this informal and conversational form seemed an appropriate way to engage more people in this important and timely discussion.