A look at Saul’s inability to see the sins in his life reminds me of Jeremiah 17:9. In thinking deeply about his own experiences with his countrymen, Jeremiah concluded that people reflected something of the character of Saul: there was a lot of deception going on inside of them.

It’s a bleak picture of the human condition, but Jesus affirms the darkness in several passages: John 2:24-25 (Jesus would not entrust himself to people), John 3:19 (people’s deeds are evil), and Mt. 7:11 (we give good things to our children, but we are evil).

I suspect that the darkness is more pervasive than we wish to acknowledge. Thank God for his continued grace and for the blood of Christ that cleanses us from sin. Understanding the pervasive nature of the darkness makes the love of God that much more amazing.

I hope you enjoy the class.