Luke 9 Conversation: The Next Big Question

Conversationalists everywhere, I hope you are enjoying our foray into the Gospel of Luke. In chapter eight we encountered the challenging question the disciples asked when they saw Jesus calm a raging storm in the middle of the Sea of Galilee: "Who is this?" The narrative of Luke's Gospel now [...]

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Luke 8 Conversation: The Right Question

Luke 8 takes us on Jesus' travels along with numerous companions. He challenges us to listen carefully, and by his miracles he challenges us to think about who he is. For Discussion: 1.     Jesus emphasizes the importance of hearing and listening (8, 12-15, 18, 21). What does he mean [...]

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Luke 7 Conversation: Authority and Compassion

Luke 7 reveals quite a bit more about Jesus: his authority, his compassion, fulfilled prophecy, and of course his main mission to forgive sins comes to the forefront again. For Discussion: 1.    Jesus expresses astonishment when he sees the faith of a gentile soldier. What made the faith of [...]

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Luke 6 Conversation: Jesus Teaches

Luke begins to flesh out Jesus' teaching ministry by providing some of His most provocative and challenging teachings. Questions for discussion: Why were the Scribes and Pharisees so angry that Jesus was "doing good" on the Sabbath? How difficult is it to love people other than those who love [...]

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Conversations: Luke 2 – Christmas in June

Here is the next conversation on Luke. This week we are talking about chapter two. Here are some questions to think about:  1.     Think about and discuss the unusual events surrounding Jesus’ birth and early life: angels appearing to shepherds, the encounters with Simeon and Anna, and Jesus in [...]

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